Lungolivigno Parking, which belongs to the group bearing the same name, and which owns the historic and renowned Hotel Concordia, is located in Livigno's prestigious downtown area, in the heart of the pedestrian area. The parking lot is privately owned, located on an appurtenant square adjacent to the Concordia hotel facility, and it is precisely its location that makes it one of the strengths of the hotel. It is free for guests staying there and for a fee for all occasional users, including customers of the restaurant, lounge bar, and spa that are part of the Concordia facility.



The customer's requirement had been to replace the old system with an efficiency enhancing solution, providing higher performance especially for in and out (Fast Entry - Fast Exit).



The solution implemented for the facility is the PKE parking system, which responds with appropriate flexibility to the management needs for services offered by the hotel through payment, either at the automated checkout or at the facility through a ticket validator for restaurant customers. The exit unit is also equipped with a POS payment terminal to ensure an even faster outflow of vehicles from the parking lot (Fast Exit), thus avoiding the problem of queuing on the square during peak season periods, both in winter and summer. Equipped with a QR reader, the units of the 2 gates (entry and exit) are combined with Gard PX brushless barriers with opening in less than 2 seconds, making them the ideal solution for intensive traffic such as in the case of Lungolivigno Parking.



The PKE system supply of CAME PARKARE consists of:

  • 1 REGULAR entry unit with dual printers and QR Code
  • 1 REGULAR exit unit with POS terminal and QR Code
  • 1 Automatic pay station with bill and coin changer, credit card reader, POS with NFC
  • 2 Gard PX brushless barriers
  • 1 management server
  • 1 Ticket validator with IP connection

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