The Kite - 87 Newington Causeway is a mix-use development project within Elephant and Castle, London. This 23-storey tower contains 140 Travelodge hotel rooms (floors 1-11), 48 residential apartments (floors 12-24), a retail unit (at ground floor), cycle parking, landscaping, and private and communal residential amenity space (including at rooftop level). The residential section of this development is split into affordable living (floors 12-18) and private housing (floors 19-24).



A Matter of Security Director, Jamie Reynolds, was approached by a construction worker involved in the 87 Newington Causeway project who revealed that a security solutions contractor had not yet been secured. Interestingly, the construction worker happened to be from the area where A Matter of Security founder, Tobey Bailey, grew up. This was particularly positive for the community as two independent business start-ups had the opportunity to be involved with such a sizable project.

A Matter of Security put together a bid for the 87 Newington Causeway project, which was positively received by the developers, Neobrand LTD, who subsequently accepted the bid on 04/12/2020.


This new development had several requirements, all of which were detailed in the original project tender. A Matter of Security acknowledged the specifications and opted to implement a combination of CAME and Impro equipment, as it could accomplish the projects criteria.

Due to the multi-purpose functionality of this development an access control system was essential. It was important that access restrictions were managed effectively to improve the safety and security of all residents and guests. The Kite’s facilities would be used by a variety of people, and it is critical that all building users could be regulated.

The safety and effectiveness of this installation, and the equipment fitted, was advocated by the Secure by Design certification obtained for The Kite project.

Tobey Bailey - Director of A Matter of Security:

“The efficiency and response time from the CAME team, particularly the sales and service departments, helped us deliver this project on time. The combination of the service provided by CAME and the quality and reliability of their products unquestionably contributed towards project success. We are now in the process of providing a similar project at a new site of the client, which will look to install similar CAME and Impro equipment due to the success of 87 Newington Causeway.”


The suite of equipment installed by A Matter of Security provides a vast amount of security through the integration of door entry and access control equipment. The functionality of both CAME and Impro technology undoubtedly contributed to the project’s success, partly due to its seamless integration and synchronicity.

Due to the nature of this project all wiring had already been installed, therefore A Matter of Security were required to implemented an IP360 system. As a result, all of the door entry and access control equipment mentioned below is IP360 compatible.



VR door entry panels were installed at the 3 main entrance doors, which regulates access to the specific areas within the building. These door entry systems enhance building security as visitors could be verified before entering the building. For example, at the Travelodge digital vandal resistant video entry panels were installed. These 5 module units contained a video and audio module, digital display, porter call button, keypad, and proximity reader. Subsequently, providing a plethora of versatiliy and functionality for the concierge at the reception desk.

The communication from these entry panels were received by CAME XTS XiP video receivers, which facilitated the calls between the visitor and the call recipient. A Matter of Security installed a variety of both the 5” and 7” CAME XTS receivers that were located within the residential rooms and at a selection of concierge desks.



In alignment with the project requirements, an access control system was vital to regulate building management. A Matter of Security installed the Impro Access Control solution on the Basic Package. Impro’s Basic Package permits the administration of 1000 credentials, and the control of 100 doors at a single location. 46 TRT MDR Wiegand door readers were installed on critical access points across the building to manage the control of individuals. These Impro readers work effortlessly with the access control system installed, which helps optimise the flexibility and functionality of this security solution.

In addition, the Impro access control solution is capable of controlling lift management which further enhances the building access permissions. The Impro solution also facilitates the credential permissions which determine which floors individuals have access to. For example, Travelodge guests will be prohibited from gaining access to floors 12+ as they would not have the permissions for the residential floors.


The security solution installed at The Kite- 87 Newington Causeway achieved the project requirements consequently ensuring that building management is optimised. The initial budget for this project was estimated at £140,000, however by the end of the project this had escalated to almost £250,000. This was due to project expansion as Neobrand LTD saw the benefits offered by the CAME and Impro equipment.

The Kite is starting to open and will soon become fully operational. Those who have experienced the excellent security solution installed by A Matter of Security have observed and experienced, first-hand, the seamless efficiency of CAME and Impro equipment.

The Kite - 87 Newington Causeway project was a resounding success for all parties and has resulted in Neobrand 2 LTD liaising with A Matter of Security for the early development of a similar project within central London.

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