Established in the 1980’s, Killeen are an industry leading Irish installer of automatic gates, barriers and doors to residential and commercial customers, specialising in design and manufacture of metal and steel products.

Their team comprises of a first-class range of specialists from technical design, fabrication, electrical engineering, through to marketing sales and finance.

As an end-to-end service, they design inhouse, extrude, manufacture, install and carry out civil works. Subsequently, Killeen needed a reliable high quality automation offering to fit their premium proposition and keep them as first choice for their market.

As a result of their continued levels of excellence, the business has continuously grown from strength to strength.

The Challenge

As part of their organic growth, Killeen were looking to “move with the times” and present their end users with a solution that both made their gates ‘Smarter’ but that enabled their clients to choose a solution that integrated better with their existing Smart homes and business automation.

Killeen is a forward-thinking organisation who are looking for ways to be proactive with their clients and keep customers served at all times, with good response times, anticipating needs and therefore developing and maintaining their contracts to the highest standards.

The Requirement

As part of their end-to-end proposition, Killeen was seeking to partner with an automation system provider who offered reliability to match the exacting standards of their gates, coupled with technology to excite and deliver on their customers’ expectations.

The Solution

As a result, Killeen and CAME have now been in partnership for 4 years, championing the use of CAME automation solutions. Killeen has been actively engaged installing the CAME Connect system into their installation projects, with over 400 sites connected today.

Ben Killeen, Director states “It’s the most reliable system I can offer to my customers and whilst Killeen uses superior gate products, its only as good as the automation system behind it. CAME Connect has been a game changer for us and our customers”

End users engage with gate automation through their mobile devices, from anywhere, anytime. The CAME Connect cloud-based system not only supports seamless operation of customers security solutions, it ensures flexibility of managing an installation remotely, including completion of setup, and allows both the installer and end user remote management of their installation.

This has meant that Killeen installers are able to complete an installation whatever the weather, from the comfort of their own vehicle and then take their client through step by step to thoroughly understand their new automated system and controls.  

Killeen installers and customers report that because CAME Connect is a powerful cloud-based tool, it allows you to remotely control your automation systems at the touch of a button on your smart phone, and easily use CAME's automation app to take charge.

Killeen ensures peace of mind for their customers allowing them to see who’s calling when they’re not home, because with the CAME Connect, their security system is always on, allowing them to see, hear and speak to whoever is calling their intercom, from anywhere.

In their commercial fits, Killeen clients wax lyrical about the schedule gate opening feature, which uses the scenarios to adapt to a variety of commercial requirements.

Real time alerts direct to your smartphone. Using only an app or web browser, and a user-friendly platform, in just a few clicks you can check what is happening in your home or workplace. 

As the installer, Killeen is utilising their very own CAME Connect Cloud space. It’s here where they securely register, and control all of their systems, and remotely manage all programming to assist their customers. This system has given Killeen the cutting edge to anticipate, diagnose, schedule, and carry out maintenance remotely, meaning their service is led by Killeen rather than reactive customer demands and calls which were previously hard to plan and predict. 

This is down to CAME Connect, which unites the CAME state of the art RGSM module with a 3-year 480MB SIM, fully activated. Killeen engineers report that its intuitive and easy setup in a few minutes has revolutionised install and setup with full remote control over any installation setup.

Ben Killeen was convinced “This cloud-based system enables us to deliver 1st class service for our customers. They are safe, compliant, and reliable. Killeen Engineering & CAME share an ethos and values.”

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