The Equipment Works development in North East London is rich in history since the location was formerly the home to the Equipment Company Factory who produced the first motorised London bus.

In recognition of the pre-existing site heritage this multi-dwelling development was named Equipment Works. Elements of the traditional history are implemented throughout the new development; and the complex now has 337 new homes, 2000sqm of office space, and a dedicated onsite retail area that is accessible to the public.

In May 2020 Emersons Limited, a long-serving installer of CAME BPT equipment, was selected as the major electrical contractor for the Equipment Works project, due to their installation expertise and experience.



CAME BPT equipment was initially highlighted in the project specification as it had been requested by Telford Homes, since previous developments featured CAME BPT entry solutions that delivered on all aspects.

There were many objectives for this new development due to the prestige of the site. Firstly, it was essential that a reliable system was installed to manage the access of residents, guests, and employees accordingly.

Secondly, the onsite concierge facility would need full site transparency as they would be responsible for maintaining the Equipment Works development. This construction was designed as a multi-purpose development, made up of 'rent to buy' properties and housing association accommodation. The apartments are managed by Greystar and Notting Hill Genesis.

As a trusted, and long serving installation partner, Emersons were appointed the project as their installation commitment and experience would allow the Equipment Works project to achieve all specification objectives.


"Working with CAME is always a pleasure. We have a long-standing relationship as we have used them for numerous projects. Their team are so helpful throughout the entire process, and you can always get the support you need. The technical team are readily available and provide excellent configuration advice for our onsite installation team.”

Alistair Blowes, Projects Director at Emersons Limited


Due to the multi-purpose nature of this development a reliable intercom and access control solution was essential. Emersons installed 12 vandal resistant door entry panels to manage and verify access across all public areas. These panels were custom made and configured specifically for the Equipment Works development.

Entry panel’s are equipped with a video intercom camera, digital display, bespoke engraving, as well as an enlarged proximity reader; combining to provide the first layer of security.

Third-party access control software is seamlessly integrated into CAME BPT equipment. Each VR door entry panel was developed with an enlarged proximity access point so readers could be conveniently integrated.

Intercom calls are routed to 257 Opale video displays and 78 AGT video handset receivers. For optimised resident safety and security the intercom system has been designed to incorporate concierge functionality, which is centrally managed by an onsite team.

Each 3.5-inch Opale video monitor is flush mounted inside each apartment and provides outstanding video quality with a user-friendly touch screen display. Similarly, the AGT video handset unit’s stylish design and soft touch controls with discreet LED indications give it a premium look that complements the overall aesthetics of the apartments in which it is installed.



The Equipment Works project was a huge success as the CAME BPT equipment delivered on all initial project requirements, owing to Emersons exceptional installation.

Overall management of people flow throughout the Equipment Works development has been optimised by utilising a unified CAME BPT solution. The system installed by Emersons will provide security for the foreseeable future given CAME BPT’s excellent product longevity.

Since the project’s completion, all residents and employees have been exposed to a dependable, effective, and innovative system that improves security and safety across the Equipment Works development.

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