In order to manage in an automated and efficient way the entry and parking for over 1.1 million people visiting each month the MEGA Alma-Ata, the shopping mall of the biggest city in Kazakhstan, Almaty, CAME Parkare has created a new parking system for the 1,700 parking spaces available.

“The trust granted to us by Astana Group, who manage the MEGA Alma-Ata - comments Andrea Menuzzo, President of CAME S.p.A. - confirms once again the appreciation of our technological solutions and of our business model, based on listening to customers and on the analysis of their needs, as well as on our ability to offer highly customised solutions. Based on the successful experience of Astana Expo 2017, the solution implemented for the shopping centre was designed not only to maximise technological efficiency, but also to meet the quality standards with which the building was constructed, which reflects the highest functional and aesthetic requirements of modern metropolitan areas."

The implemented solution consists of 13 complete PKE systems in the standard configuration, suitable for high-end, heavy parking traffic, typical of the MEGA Center Alma-Ata, which covers an area of 180,000 square meters. At the same time, PKE significantly reduces operating costs thanks to the low maintenance required. The innovative PKE rotation system - the parking management system specifically designed for people who need to make quick stops - the efficiency of the fast and secure electronic payment systems using any method (EMV credit cards, NFC, discount cards/vouchers, etc.), the 22 PKE automatic pay stations and the 26 OCR cameras for license plate recognition, make transit and parking even smoother at a site such as one of the largest shopping centres in Kazakhstan.

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