CAME supplied the new parking management system at the Eden Park parking lot in Pompeii, just a stone's throw from one of the world's most famous archaeological sites, where more than 70,000 entries were recorded in 2022 between April and November.

The solution (PKE system) devised by the Treviso-based company is technologically advanced: at the entrance, the new GARD PX automatic barriers ensure high performance thanks to their speed, taking less than two seconds to open, thus making it possible to manage the large flows of cars typical of tourist areas and certain times of the year better.

With the new pay machine, users can pay using both cash (chosen by 42,000 visitors between April and November 2022), as well as via POS (with a contactless option), thus meeting the growing trend of digital payments. Also, due to the large number of hotels and bed & breakfasts in the area, the new entrance is also equipped with a QR code reader and cards, facilitating access to the parking lot for members or visitors of hotel conventions or by invitation. The new system features a double printer at the entrance that can issue as many as 12,000 tickets, thus also ensuring greater service autonomy and reducing maintenance time.

The parking lot, which has 120 parking spaces, has an agreement with the two largest hotels in the area and a dozen bed & breakfasts. During the week it is mainly used by tourists visiting the city and its beautiful ruins, while at the weekend the parking lot fills up with families stopping for a day of fun at the park going by the same name.

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