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“…for more than 5 years now, CAME have continued to invest in our Cloud Connectivity eco-system, providing our customers all across the world a completely unrivalled suite of connectivity solutions that connect both the Installer and the Final User to their automation system at all times giving ultimate control.

2021 is the right time for CAME to pass to the second phase of our connectivity strategy where we are very excited to be able to offer customers in the UK & Ireland free connectivity with ALL our connectable range of automation kits! A monumental offer that will continue at least until the end of 2022.

Early adopters of our connectivity have already confirmed beyond any doubt the extra value that it gives to both the installer and the final user of our systems. Extra value that for the foreseeable future will be FREE to our valued customer base.

Once again CAME are leading the way and keeping you ALWAYS CONNECTED to your customers.”

Andrea Menuzzo
President, CAME S.p.A.

We’re giving you everything you need...

Connectivity module, activated SIM, easy to use app... ALL FREE!

For the first time ever, it is now FREE to take advantage of cloud connectivity via CAME Connect.

Just take 2 minutes to wire the module to the control board, add your system via the app and you’re away!

It’s so simple to do and the benefits to you and your business are huge...

What it offers you as an installer...

  • Add your system to the cloud in less than 5 minutes!
  • Migrate 95% of the system configuration to your phone with the easy to use setup app
  • Live alerts if the system goes offline or when a maintenance threshold is reached
  • FREE remote diagnostics direct to your smartphone or tablet
  • Most importantly it’ll save you time, money and streamline your business!
  • Manage transmitters and change keypad  codes remotely in seconds
  • Eliminate costly call outs for for minor system changes, manage them from your smartphone or tablet

Don’t just take our word for it... fit your ALWAYS CONNECTED module now to experience the benefits... After all, it’s FREE!

Powerful remote system analysis from your smartphone

The CAME Connect platform and app has been redesigned to make the process simpler and easier to manage. From adding your automation systems, to managing support requests, CAME Connect 2.0 has been designed to make the life of the installer just that little bit easier.

Having access to this powerful remote management system gives you access to real time information for every automation system that you manage, and IT’S IN YOUR POCKET.

Does your other automation manufacturer give you this level or remote diagnostics? Thought not.


Powerful back office from your Laptop, Office PC or Tablet

Introducing the most powerful, simple to use, back office solution in the market...

The CAME Connect web platform has been intuitively designed to provide seamless integration with the CAME SetUp App. Once you have used the app to manage system configuration on site, you can head straight to the portal where all the system informaiton will have seamlessly migrated, and you can start to realise the full power of CAME Connect.

  • Unleash the full potential that CAME Connect has to offer
  • Easily create custom scenarios
  • Manage site mapping
  • Add a maintenance calendar
  • Create access control systems
  • Manage support requests
  • Manage exclusion calendars

Always Connected End User

The beauty of CAME Connect is that it offers you, as an installer, so much that it makes sense to add connectivity to the system whatever the circumstances. But it also gives great customer benefits too... if you want it to of course.

You are getting it for FREE anyway, so the choice is yours whether to pass on benefits to your customer. You can retain ownership of the Connect platform simply for the unique installer benefits, such as remote diagnostics, site maps and scenarios. 

Alternatively, you could charge for the service alongside an existing maintenance package, or if you prefer you can also offer it for FREE as a sales differentiator against your competitors. The choice is yours, you are in control.

Customer benefits

  • Open and close their gate via their smartphone
  • Remote assistance from the installer during power outages or when damage has occured
  • Manage family access
  • Assurance that service and maintenance is remotely monitored

Security, safety and accessibility... All for FREE. An ALWAYS CONNECTED system has it all. Why wouldn’t you want that for your customer?

A powerful app that gives your customer access control & security at their finger tips

As an installer, whether you charge for the service of not, CAME Connect provides your customers with a whole host of benefits and add ons to their automation system.

Open and close your automations at the touch of a button using your smartphone, preset scenarios for your daily routine or check the status when you are away from the property. Connect does it all.

Connect offers so much to the installer and the end user. Adding it to your system for FREE is a no brainer, however you choose to harness its power.


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