BKV guarantees efficiency and low maintenance costs, thanks to the continuous torque adaptation.
The ZN8 control panel manages, instant by instant, the motor speed, acceleration and deceleration phases, alongside the absorbed current.

The adaptive torque system constantly evaluates gate weight and friction to detect obstacles and to keep the speed at the pre-set level.


All BKV motors have a self-calibration function built into the control board, which can be set up using the new full graphical display.


Once the system is calibrated, the installer sets the sensitivity by measuring the thrust of each manoeuvre during operation.

Perfect operation throughout the full year

The continuous torque adaptation allows the motor to always be updated to possible friction variations and to perform consistantly in every application, during any weather conditions.

Obstacle Differentiation

The Adaptive Torque Technology guarantees higher safety in the event of genuine obstacles. The motor can automatically differentiate between genuine obstacles and nuisance minor issues (dirt or small stones on the rail).

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