Forever innovators

For over 50 years, CAME has designed and produced high-quality technological products and solutions for the comfort and security of people in residential, public and business environments. Thanks to the trust of our customers, we have become a go-to brand and global partner for automation, smart homes, access control and security and parking systems. We have capitalised on our experience and built quality relationships with many professionals, who have become ambassadors of CAME's values, bringing cutting edge technology into the lives of our customers around the world. Our innovations translated into solutions for people become strategic for defining the scenarios of planning and living the future.

More than 50 years of history

The history of our company began many years ago from a group of passionate people who had the ambition to create innovative solutions to meet people's needs. Since then we have come a long way. We have grown and strengthened our distribution capacity, expanded our product offerings and evolved our business model by opening branches and bringing many other like-minded companies into our Group.

We have a history of success and recognition that makes us a leader in our sector, with a dedicated team of professionals working together to offer the best to our customers.


Market leading group for Home & Building Automation providing a broad range of integrated, hi-tech solutions for private homes, public venues and urban spaces.



An internationally renown brand when it comes to realising projects involving technology for video intercom, temperature control and security systems.


CAME Parkare

Parkare began trading on 1st September 1988 as Alfia Services Limited, a third party maintenance company. Following customer demand, the company quickly developed into a manufacturing company, producing their first Pay and Display machine in 1989. By 1992 the company had introduced their range of fully automatic Pay-on-Foot equipment which was an immediate success and has now been installed in many hundreds of sites nationwide. In 2008, Alfia joined Mabyc and Ibersegur to create the Parkare Group and have now launched their new Lynx Pay-on-Foot and Tempo Pay & Display ranges. Employing people in Spain and in directly-owned branch offices in France, the United Kingdom, Chile, Mexico and Peru Parkare Group distributes its products in 20 countries through various partnerships, creating a powerful global network.

In 2014 CAME acquired Parkare - the parking technology and parking meter specialists.



CAME KMS are the leading supplier of door access control to social housing landlords in the UK with over:

  • 3 million fobs in use
  • 42,000 communal doors controlled
  • 18,000 housing blocks access managed

Developing the latest technology to deliver unique and innovative solutions, ensuring that fob administration is instant from any web enabled device.


CAME Entrotec

Trusted pioneers and leading manufacturers of door entry solutions in UK residential and commercial markets. 

All of our products are compliant for all housing environments including social, mixed tenure and private housing; our solutions are user and installer friendly whilst being perfectly suited for both new build and existing properties.


CAME Urbaco

Inventor of the retractable bollard

As a worldwide historical and key player, CAME URBACO designs, manufactures, maintains and sells technological solutions to divide and delimit urban, residential or non-residential areas, but also to protect sensitive sites where securing buildings and people is critical.

CAME URBACO's vision is to provide a safe and comfortable urban environment for people on a daily basis. Walking, working, visiting, running, cycling, in total serenity is a priority. More than ever, the safety of sensitive industries and sites has become a major national and international issue. CAME URBACO offers urban solutions for access control and security in accordance with the needs of cities. It’s in this spirit that the brand has developed a wide range of products for the access control and the security of sensitive sites and infrastructures, by developing a range of High Security bollards with standing ram vehicles attacks. 



CAME ÖZAK was founded in 1974 and is the first and leading pedestrian and vehicle access control systems producer in Turkey. 

The production portfolio includes product groups of turnstiles, speed gates, road blockers and bollards.

CAME ÖZAK operates in its facilities having 24.000m2covered area and exports to more than 80 countries.