Want smarter control of your automated devices?

Add one of our gateways. Download the automation app and fully exploit the internet's potential.

CAME Connect Gateway

Want to control multiple automated devices from your smartphone?

Add one of our gateways to your system to link up to the internet.

All the modules are designed to fit into the casing of our new range of operators. Now you can expand your system’s functions without having to add any extra external control units.

Opening, closing and checking the state of your CAME operators from your portable device is now possible.

Gateway Ethernet

The RETH gateway easily connects, via LAN, to your home router. Over radio waves, it can manage up to five of the slave modules fitted in CAME automated devices.

Gateway GSM

The new RGSM range exploits GSM networks and gives, end-users and installers, total control of automated systems, at all times. This particular module also provides smart-operation of all types of automation: thanks to the RGSM, you can now connect and remotely manage all automated devices in the CAME range.



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