The Access Control Management System has been developed for the centralisation of retractable bollard access control.

SYGMA 4 enables to manage all the remote control devices on several controlled sites.

The CAME URBACO access management solution is part of a global centralisation of all Safe & Smart devices present in a defined perimeter.

Hosted on a web server, SYGMA 4 is directly accessible online

Compatible with open protocols such as Modbus, ONVIF, Web Service, it can meet the requirements of third-party hypervisors to establish remote management and access reporting.


  • SERVER: exchanges management.
  • The Centralised Technical Management: (referred to as ‘GTC’) module based on asynoptic of controlled areas.
  • ACCESS CONTROL: The software for access control with contactless card
  • ARCHIVES: Several management tools such as look-up of archives and statistics.
  • And finally, basic administration and maintenance tools.


  • Multi-database
  • Client (WEB) / server architecture
  • Local or Cloud hosting on a Window server
  • Interoperability with other systems
  • Multi-support (Tablet, Smartphone, etc.)
  • E-Identification ( NFC,QRCODE, Bluetooth, etc.)
  • Multi-protocol ( Onvif , WEBAPI, Modbus, etc.)


General Functions

  • Management of access rights
  • Possibility of making statements via a website
  • Supervision
  • Intervention management
  • Dynamic statistics management
  • Access management (integrated PC)
  • Management configuration (Access control, etc.)


Archives & Statistics

  • Consulting the archives and editing statistics is an important part of post-exploitation.
  • Indeed, in addition to the real-time monitoring of events with G.T.C, a visualization over time of the life of the system is an indispensable tool for the management of the equipment and the controlled area.


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