CAME launches KRX, a new line of flashing lights for entrance automation and control systems, consisting of three modelsstandard for traditional systems, CXN BUS for more advanced systems and CXN BUS CONNECT, the most technologically evolved of the three. They are versatile and perfectly suited to any installation context, from private homes to apartment buildings and industrial complexes, with a modern, streamlined design.

In the CONNECT version, the CAME flashing light combines CXN BUS technology with wireless connectivity to offer users innovative features and the choice of two different types of connection. When a Wi-Fi connection is available, KRX CONNECT connects to the Internet and specifically to the CAME Cloud, enabling all the advanced services that this technology offers, like the remote control of the automation at all times, via the app or the Alexa smart speaker.

Alternatively, Bluetooth is another configuration and management setting that is particularly useful for apartment buildings and multi-user entrances, as it gives up to 50 different users control of the automation via their smartphones. Using the AutomationBT app’s proximity function, the gate opens and closes automatically without users even having to touch their smartphone.

The BUS technology in the CXN BUS and CONNECT models makes installation quick and easy. The simple connection between the two non-polarised wires makes cabling fast thanks to the feedback received from each device connected to the system and the auto-configuration feature. These two models are also equipped with RGB LEDs so the colour and type of flashing light can be selected using the specific, convenient CAME app. In addition, a colour can be assigned to each gate status, such as red when the gate is closed, yellow when it is in motion and green when it is open.

All three models have outstanding impact- and weather-resistance (IP54 certification) as they are made out of materials like ABS and polycarbonate, and feature an integrated antenna which not only ensures greater safety and protection from potential damage but also a more pleasing design. The antenna is compatible with any 433 MHz or 868 MHz device, so the flashing light works correctly even when there is interference on one of the two frequencies. All three models may be installed on enclosure walls, pillars or even, with a bracket, on a wall at any angle, making them ideal for garage doors or industrial doors. Not only does the use of LED technology for the lighting radically reduce the amount of electricity consumed (by 80%), but it also means that the bulbs do not need to be changed frequently, for a longer-lasting flashing light.

The standard KRX model for traditional automation systems comes in three different versions for a focus on design, with the choice of a yellow, white or orange light cover, according to the installation needs or the customer’s preference.



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