CAME presents its parking solutions at Intertraffic 2018. Created by CAME Parkare – the specialist parking solutions brand in the CAME Group – they have been designed to improve traffic flows, thereby reducing pollution and raising the quality of life in the city. CAME Parkare as a brand symbolises the company’s ability to handle complex projects, offer customised solutions and develop cutting edge technology that responds to customer need and market demand.

CAME Parkare provides comprehensive off-street parking management systems in the form of the PKE and PKM lines. PKE is a high-performance solution, suitable for more complex installations; PKM guarantees the very best management solutions even for small car parks, as it combines high-performance technology with tight budgets.

The showpiece in the off-street line is Lince 6 Cloud: latest-generation cloud-based parking management software, which allows parking spaces to be monitored in real time from any browser or device, such as PCs, tablets or smartphones. Lince 6 Cloud communicates with all of the technologies available on the market; it is scalable and modular, providing remotely monitoring and management of the system. Its notification system also provides the operator from all the car parks information in real time, anytime and anywhere.

Intuitive and easy to use, the system by CAME Parkare combines the versatility of a web-based Cloud solution with the practical aspects of having full-time availability hardware physically present on site. With Lince 6 Cloud, linked up terminals and video cameras can be checked and monitored, active alarms can be managed, and immediate action can be taken remotely in the event of any problems or for maintenance work.

Lince 6 Cloud is a highly flexible, versatile solution, which can be perfectly and easily integrated with external platforms, such as those for managing online pre-bookings, payment methods or external validations, among others. This latest-generation software can be developed and adapted according to customer requirements, making it an entirely tailor-made solution. Thanks to its web-based reporting system, Lince 6 Cloud can also provide profit and sales statistics, as well as data on registered receipts and tickets, making it possible to detect any irregularities. It has also been designed as a business intelligence tool, capable of providing reports on customer parking habits, such as peak parking times and preferred payment methods. CAME Parkare’s off-street parking solutions have been designed to respond to the specific parking demands where parking needs to be quick and easy, mainly at airports, shopping centres and in urban areas, but also Universities, Hotels or Exhibition Centers, among others. This is why CAME Parkare is also presenting its Vehicle Guidance System as one of its key solutions at Intertraffic. This system has been designed to monitor and identify free spaces and includes LPR (license plate recognition) technology, making adding new features to the system as vehicle surveillance or Find My Car option.

Airports – CAME Parkare parking systems are an ideal way to meet the needs of small local airports and respond to the complexities of large international hubs. The Lince software allows third-party integration services such as online pre-booking or external payment, as well as offering centralised management of all car parks. Flexible tariff systems according to the zone you have parked in, the distance to the terminal are also available. As well as subscription types and tariff formulas dedicated to frequent flyers. Discount plans for shopping inside the airport and offer the payment solution closer to passengers' habits (pay-by-phone, credit card, contactless, and of course, cash payment) can obviously be integrated within Lince software. CAME counts numerous international customers in the aviation sector, including Gatwick airport in London, Barcelona - El Prat Airport and Cancún international airport in Mexico.

Shopping centres – The Lince 6 Cloud software ensures shopping centres have high-performing car parks with simple payment solutions, queue management technology for peak times, and a centralised control system so that effective action can be taken when maintenance is required. Thanks to our innovative on-line discounts validation system, CAME Parkare is able to help shopping centres create loyalty schemes to boost business, providing a system capable of generating customer-reward vouchers and improving the shopping experience.

Among the shopping centres operating a CAME Parkare parking system are names such as Spanish chain stores el Corte Inglés, Mall Plaza Imperial in Bogotá (Colombia) and the Saga Falabella San Isidro shopping centre in Lima (Peru).

Urban areas – In CAME Parkare we provide smart cities from on-street and off-street solutions, which contributes to the mobility improvement. The off-street solutions allow to improve continuously the parking management, increasing profitability through value-added services like the option to purchase parking products (i.e. subscriber card) or get discount for Products and Services (i.e. Shops, Car-wash, etc.). Benefit from local partnerships creating loyalty schemes.


Among the on-street solutions at Intertraffic you can find Tempo EVO and PMX, a system for monitoring and managing latest-generation parking, integrating the most cutting edge technology available on today’s market in a ‘smart city’ ethic. Tempo System consists of parking metre machines, a central management software, which is web-accessible and hosted in a secure data centre environment, and also an enforcement application.

The parking metre has a modern and ergonomic design, and is equipped with a colour screen and a vandal-proof, anti-fraud system, 10’’ colour touch screen for PMX. All of the most common payment methods are accepted (coins, banknotes, EMV for chip&pin and contalcless credit cards), but also payment can be made using a smartphone (App or NFC).

Managed using Cloud-based technology, Tempo also facilitates the work of parking enforcement staff, que garantiza que cada vehículo estacionado dispone de un ticket de estancia pagado

For the first time on the global stage, CAME is also presenting its new brushless barrier, Gard H, at Intertraffic: an ideal solution for automatic parking systems. Gard H has a modern design and comes with a brushless motor, which makes it extremely quick, silent and suited to intensive use. The barrier can be Cloud-managed using CAME Connect technology, and is available for passageways up to 3.8 metres.



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