CAME, launches the new range of operators for residential gates that combines the most innovative technology with a sophisticated design. The BXV operators for sliding gates and AXI operators for swing gates are, in fact, characterised by complete system connectivity and, thanks to the clean lines and eye-catching shape, they can be integrated discreetly into any living environment. The quality and reliability of Came products is combined with the technology of the Internet of Things and, thanks to their network connection, the operators become increasingly intelligent and begin to communicate, simplifying the lives of their users. Thanks to Came Connect technology, which ensures that the system can be connected to the CAME Cloud, owners find it easy to control their operators from wherever they are, using the dedicated CAME Automation app via their tablet or smartphone. By means of a simple internet connection, installers can also geolocalise the systems, perform remote diagnosis efficiently and quickly, change the settings or perform troubleshooting.

The BXV and AXI operator ranges, available in grey and blue, and made using materials that have been carefully chosen in order to ensure they are lightweight and yet guarantee durability. They feature 24 V motors, ideal for both intensive use in apartment buildings and in smaller residential environments, and are designed to move sliding gates up to 1000 kg and swing gates up to 2.5 metres. New-generation technology, with an encoder providing motion control, guarantees maximum safety and reliability at operating level, making it possible to detect any obstacles. The operators for swing gates also feature a bevel gear as well as a new multi-start worm screw, guaranteeing the quietest possible operation, maximum power and fluidity of movement.


The control board is equipped with a multifunctional display and buttons that enable more precise adjustments and quick and simplified installation setting. The terminal blocks are separate and coloured to speed up connection and ensure practical troubleshooting. The board also features a Memory Roll, which allows users to save and copy the settings so that all the operators can be set quickly, with a single gesture.
In the gearmotors in the BXV range for sliding gates, the board is positioned at the top and horizontally in order to facilitate programming, and specific spaces have been created to house all the accessories. A dedicated cover protects it further, without slowing down the programming phase.


It is possible to expand the functionality of the new range of operators thanks to housing with slots for plug-in cards and accessories to be integrated, which are easy to insert without requiring the addition of external, unsightly and not particularly functional control units. The compatible accessories include the CONNECT GW, a single kit with gateway module that enables the operator to connected to the network via GSM, WIFI or LAN and to be fully managed remotely via the dedicated Came Connect system.
Also of interest is the module for reducing system power consumption in standby. When the operator is at a standstill, in fact, the transformer present inside the motor enters standby mode and is bypassed by the GREEN POWER module, much smaller, which guarantees a tenth of the energy consumptions levels, from 5 to 0.5 W.
In order to ensure system safety, new Rio System wireless devices are also available, managed by the RIO CONN slot-in wireless control module. Thanks to this system, there is no need for a wired connection between the control unit and the wireless safety accessories (photocells, modules for the control of sensitive edges and wireless flashing lights), greatly reducing installation times.



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