With the aim of providing centralised management for various entrances in an urban area, CAME URBACO has developed SYGMA 4, new centralised management software. The system is already successfully in operation in the cities of Megève (France) and Geneva (Switzerland), demonstrating its effectiveness in a global perspective of Safe & Smart City supervision.

“In this global economic context” said Dario Bardi, General Manager of CAME Urbaco, “the company has invested in research and development in order to expand its product range and propose increasingly high-performance solutions for the access control sector. SYGMA 4 falls within a logic of global centralisation of all the components installed in the relevant areas, from bollards to road barriers, as is often the case in Limited Traffic Zones”.

This new-generation software makes it possible to manage different access rights, use remote intervention and configure bollards in the installation. SYGMA 4 also offers management and analysis of reports and usage statistics, and provides real-time feedback, which is essential for gaining an overview of the system and optimising the management of devices in controlled areas. Developed as SAAS (Software As A Service), it can be hosted on a secure web server (local or web host) and thus be directly accessible via browser from any PC, tablet and/or smartphone. SYGMA 4 is compatible with open protocols such as Modbus, ONVIF, Web Service, and can communicate with third-party controllers for remote management and exchange of access data.
Another CAME Urbaco innovation is the G6N bollard, which combines the reliability of the G6 model with the customisable functions of G6 EVO, thereby optimising technical and performance aspects. The G6N model not only offers easy installation and maintenance, stability and solidity, it also stands out for its contemporary aesthetics and high-visibility signage. Ideal for traffic control and perimeter protection of pedestrian areas, it can stop vehicles of 1.5 to 2.5 tonnes traveling at a speed of 48 km/h.

With the new CITY 2N, CAME Urbaco has extended its range of totems for the management and control of vehicle accesses: simple and ergonomic, it offers the possibility of customising the front panel and is extremely easy to configure for the management of several bollards at the same time. It can also be equipped with badge readers, numeric keypads and front and side signaling lights.




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