We invest in technological innovation and product reliability, because that’s what we do best. Our significant R&D effort has won the company a competitive edge and it ensures its ability to last over time, by generating value for all of the people in the Group and by contributing to the development of our corporate system.

Proof that our internal excellence also reflects outwards lies in the markets’ constant acceptance and enthusiasm of our work. These are fast-changing markets which have found an answer in our cutting-edge solutions; solutions which we often already o er before they are even requested.

Today we work alongside authoritative entities and certified test- houses and we have set up our own Test Department. This in-house lab is fitted with the latest technology, and has the ability to test and run experiments on our products to ensure their quality. The test lab pushes the product testing to well beyond the limits by running electromagnetic compatibility or ‘EMC’ tests and electrical safety or ‘LVD’ tests, as well as radio equipment or European ‘RED’ tests.

The test lab is also fitted with a series of structures for producing atmospheric conditions, so our technicians can recreate, the main weather conditions in which our products will be operating. This provides us with a wealth of information to develop technological solutions that can adapt to any operating context.


The testing done in our lab gives our products an extra safety edge, by making sure they meet the very strict European safety standards, and resulting in a quicker time-to-market.


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