Our technology is flying to Kazakhstan, to open the doors to visitors at the Astana EXPO-2017. The access-control system, designed to manage entrances on site at the Universal Exposition dedicated to the theme "Future Energy", is made in Italy. The system created will be managing the 5 million people expected to be going to Expo between June and September.

At the heart of our technological platform is the tripod turnstile XVia, equipped with a smart reading head, designed by the Group for the Milan Expo 2015. This automation has been specifically designed to manage the complex data and variables related to reading many different types of entrance ticket, and the high number of peripheral devices and visitors accessing the Astana venue at the same time.

Following on from the Milan Expo in 2015, which saw over 21 million visitors come through its doors in just 6 months, this solution by CAME is based on an innovative system, capable of interacting with the most efficient access-control, safety, surveillance and connectivity technologies available on today's market, showing the company's ability to stand as a solution leader, skilled in managing complex systems. The pedestrian access points at the Astana congress are controlled by 56 automatic XVia turnstiles and 4 Saloon swing turnstiles, installed specifically to manage access for visitors with disabilities. There are also 11 Twister tripod turnstiles to access the organisers' offices and logistics centre.

To complete the installation, there are also automatic parking management systems for pass holders, visitors, staff and VIPs entering the 8 parking areas outside of the venue, which collectively contain 5,300 car parking spaces. In addition, there are 3 areas reserved for the event staff, with an additional 350 spaces. In total, 100 entrance and exit units have been installed, of which 14 are double the height for buses, along with 18 OCR cameras for reading number plates, 20 PS One automatic parking pay stations, 35 display screens indicating free parking spaces and 12 Gard barriers, adding up to a total of 185 connected devices. The system is managed by a single, redundant server connected to all areas via a complex fibre optic network, a single supervision and monitoring network in real time which also includes a VoIP system to manage audio calls from the various entrances and automatic pay stations. Visitors can access the car parks with a traditional ticket or top up using a badge containing a MIFARE chip. Invites can also be sent containing a QR code, which can be read from smartphones or on paper, to access the parking areas, including free of charge. Thanks to the experience of our technicians in the field, the entire parking management system was completed and fully operational in just 20 working days.

Using CAME Connect technology, the automations on the Astana Expo 2017 platform can be managed remotely. The program, installed in the control room at the Universal Exposition, is used to monitor the access-control system in real time on a centralised system, sending any alerts via email. Designed to be integrated into large set-ups, XVia brings together technological innovation and meticulous aesthetic details. The sophisticated design, minimalist style and compact structure mean that the turnstile fits harmoniously and discretely into the most varied of environments, and can be customised with the event logo. The stable Ethernet connection also means that all of the system functions can be monitored in real time.

The turnstile has been designed to communicate with visitors via lights and sounds, making access faster – just 5 seconds – and reducing long queues. The directional light signals also guarantee safe and easy access when the flow of visitors is particularly heavy: the lights help visitors to identify immediately when they can pass through.

Thanks to the standard motorisation, XVia pre-rotates the tripod as soon as the entrance ticket is validated, facilitating the entrance for the user. Where required, and when it is necessary to free up the passageway immediately, XVia has an arm drop-away function. The turnstile can be automatically restored for normal use, including remotely, once the emergency has been resolved.



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