MTM is modular, versatile, technological and aesthetical. Our cutting-edge entry panel, with its sleek, minimalist design features, is rich in details and designed. MTM covers all your needs, whether it is for small residential systems or large urban compounds. Our new entry panel can handle up to 3,500 number codes and 6,500 proximity keys for controlling access points.

There are five elements to this entry panel: the recess or surface mounted box, the electronic module, front panel and outer frame. Together they provide endless combinations to match your needs, so you can customize details to suit different contexts, and, add new features, at any time.

The new innovative Came Connect technology, lets you remotely control all your Came technologies over the Cloud. And through the XIP MOBILE App, you can handle audio and video calls to your entry panel system, directly on any smartphone or tablet - wherever you may be. That means you can see who is ringing the bell. You can answer, check live feeds from your video cameras and open the door, all from your handheld device.

These entry panels can be composed - depending on specific needs - into four different modules, fitted either horizontally or vertically. They take up 40 cm of overall space. MTM's unmatched modularity makes it especially suitable for new or restructured buildings. The MTM modules, are compatible with all CAME BPT video entry systems, like the X1, IP360, XIP, GSM and 200 models. They are quite versatile and work well in small, residential settings as well as in business centers and large multi-storey buildings.

The brushed aluminum finish and sleek design make this entry panel durable and ideal for fitting onto any surface. Its fine details, like the audio diffused around the video camera lens, which means there are no unaesthetic speaker holes on the front piece, and, the blue or white backlighting with adjustable brightness, make MTM a one-of-a-kind product. Our new entry panel, fitted by wonderful accessory, can withstand extreme temperatures of down to -40°C.

Our research and development team worked hard on the illuminator fitted inside the audio/video module. They came up with a rich, diffused light to perfectly illuminate whomever is facing the camera, without blinding them.

To cover all bases, this product comes with two different looks. The standard MTM, which has the anodized and satin-finish outer frame and front panel (IP54 rating for water and dust protection, IK07 shock-resistant rating to ensure soundness and durability).

MTM VR, the vandal-proof version, with frame and front piece entirely made of Zamak, with crush-proof buttons and security screws (IP54 and IK09 ratings). The vandal-proof version guarantees the very best in solidity, while maintaining all the benefits of our standard version.

MTM can be recess-mounted and takes up just 13 mm, in terms of thickness, (34 mm if the optional rain cap is fitted), or, it can be surface-mounted and takes up 64 mm, in terms of thickness. One of MTM's finest features is the cutting-edge, HD resolution, video camera, with HDR technology. Along with the Wide Eye lens, these give you a very broad vision with better yield of black and whites in highly contrasting light settings. And to wrap it up, MTM's superb sound quality and its sound and visual state-alerts, make our new video entry panel usable by the elderly and the sensorially challenged.



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