All five Italian circuits in the one-make championship are controlled by systems developed by Came, which allow efficient management of the flows of people within the hospitality area and boxes at the event.

Came S.p.A - A group well-known both in Italy and worldwide in the home and building automation, urban planning and high security sectors - manufactured the access control and video surveillance system for the Italian Porsche Carrera Cup circuits. A solution developed over a short space of time, thanks to the extreme flexibility of the technology available.


Porsche Italia needed to manage the flow of visitors and staff at the circuits for the Porsche Carrera Cup Italia championship, a one-make competition that sees brand new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup cars take to the track. The company wanted to have a reliable, high-performance and non-invasive access control system, developed specifically for motor events, able to manage the entry credentials of visitors to the different areas of each of the five championship circuits. The solution also had to help the organiser select the fans to offer personalised services to, such as access to the hospitality or the distribution of gadgets, based on the ticket purchased. A further requirement was to install a video surveillance system to monitor the areas outside circuits, both during the day and at night, and prevent any damage to the cars.


Came, called upon by Porsche Italia to develop the access control and video surveillance system for the circuits, designed software able to monitor the entry credentials of the visitors at the various entrances and different zones of the hospitality area, allowing fans of the car manufacturer to register on-site for special events, briefings and driving sessions. Motor enthusiasts can access the different areas, depending on the ticket purchased, using NFC magnetic bracelets.

The access control system, consisting of software and 4 x XVia turnstiles, allows Porsche Italia to recognise the various types of entry passes, to authorise access to the restaurant area, monitoring capacity and the number of seats available, and to coordinate special events, such as test runs on the track, dedicated to a limited number of participants.

Visitors are given the opportunity to use their entry pass to take advantage of a personalised discount in the shop, valid on the purchase of gadgets and promotional material.

The video surveillance system, consisting of 8 x IP XTNC20BV1 Bullet IP cameras, helps prevent cars from being vandalised and, in the event of damage, it helps identify the culprit. The solution developed by Came also makes a real-time synoptic available to keep the status of the turnstiles and all connected devices monitored. The entire system can also be managed remotely.

Product development

The access control system developed by Came is able to dialogue with the most efficient control, security, surveillance and connectivity technology on the market today. The XVia tripod turnstile makes it possible to manage the great complexity of data and variables related to reading all the types of entry passes in real time, thanks to the constant connection to the Ethernet network. It is a “smart” turnstile, with a sophisticated design, able to guarantee excellent performance and support Porsche Italia in ensuring the event goes smoothly.

The 8 x XTNC20BV1 cameras installed in the circuit, thanks to the 1/3” CMOS sensor, are able to transform light energy into voltage, turning the output signal into digital format. Equipped with IR LED, memory card slot and audio input/output, the devices are an efficient means of external video surveillance that will help Porsche Italia prevent damage to the cars.

Installation times

Came has been able to design and implement the solution required by Porsche Italia in a very short space of time, developing specific software able to respond to circuit control requirements in just two weeks. Thanks to the flexibility of the system, tried and tested over a period of one week, it was possible to install the system just two days before the event.



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