VideoEntry is the new App developed for the innovative and technologically advanced IP-based XIP and IP360 Systems by CAME BPT.


Benefits by having App VideoEntry

  • VIDEO CALL: Preview, either on-site or off-site, on smartphone, tablet or IP terminal
  • DOOR OPENER: Up to 10 remotely controllable auxiliary-relay switches
  • REMOTE/LOCAL SWITCH: Intelligent management of the connection
  • VIDEO CHECK: Live imaging from the entry panel video camera
  • LIST OF CONTACTS: Contacts automatically synchronise with the app

Answering the video door phone and opening it to the postman even when you are away from home is possible. Communicating has never been so simple.

VideoEntry is the APP that allows you to manage audio / video calls coming from the XIP and IP360 digital video door entry system directly on the mobile device. With the VideoEntry App it is possible to receive a call from the external unit or from the building's concierge, but also inter-communicate with other mobile devices or with internal extensions connected to the system.

The APP also allows you to receive video door entry calls, open the door of your home and activate the cameras of external units even remotely on your mobile device using Came Connect technology, the highly secure and reliable Cloud.

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