Entry panels

CAME BPT entry panels can be installed in any context: private homes, residential compounds, office buildings, industrial sites and public venues. They allow you to have a sturdy, reliable and intuitive video entry intercom that you can manage, via apps, even from any remote location.


CAME BPT indoor receivers are the most elegant solution for managing whoever is standing outside your front door.. Available with touch screen, keys, with handheld receiver or without, they are the most complete and flexible solution to your needs.

Plates and Modules

"The plate range has a simple, solid design, ideal for being easily adapted to
any domestic and industrial, urban or out-of-town environment.
CAME BPT has a large range of modules, chose the adapted for your system"

System Complements

"With the system complements you can set up small or big systems, with audio only or audio/video systems. Choose among the various systems that we make available. The potential of the range and sheer simplicity with which it lets you manage any request."



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