Off street management software

Main Features

  • Web browser enabled.
  • Web responsive for PC, tablet and smartphone.
  • Real-time parking monitoring, control and maintenance.
  • Multiple parking views based on access privileges.
  • Multi-tenant services.
  • Web-based reporting services.
  • POS app for smartphone.
  • Car park equipment audit and updates.
  • Customer integration over the web.

Technical Overview

  • High availability at specialised datacentres.
  • Geo-redundancy of data and servers.
  • Vertical auto-scaling (more power in servers at high demand moments).
  • Horizontal auto-scaling (more servers online at high demand moments).
  • Server maintenance and updates on the cloud, no on-premises maintenance required.

Lince 6 web reports

  • Statistic reports including: payments, products, invoices and receipts.
  • Card records.
  • Sales, balances refills.
  • Movements and errors.
  • Alarms and exceptions.
  • Report of card consumptions.
  • Report of pool groups.
  • Reports of deferred payment.

In the reports, you can apply filters by dates, car parks, terminals, type of users and products; view graphics or details: exports to PDF, Word, Excel, Image, CSV, XML and MHTML.

Web app to monitor and control

  • Monitor the state of all the car parks.
  • Monitor the state of the terminals in a car park.
  • Monitor and control one terminal. You can see the real state of the
  • terminal and associated cameras while performing actions on the terminal.
  • Monitor and control the active alarms of a terminal. You can perform actions on the affected devices.
  • Monitor and control the advices of one or all the parking lots, including: exceptions, alarms, user messages.


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