Alarm - Detectors

CAME hard-wired burglar alarms are the ideal solution to keep all your rooms under control. They are ideal in new buildings, restructured ones or when cables have already been laid.

OUR RANGE OF Alarm - Detectors

Outdoor Volumetric Detectors

Discover our range, which is composed of curtain-effect detector, passive infrared volumetric detector or dual technology volumetric detector.

OUR RANGE OF Alarm - Detectors

Indoor Volumetric Detectors

Passive infrared volumetric detector made with dual PIR element, passive infrared detectors, microwave detectors or dual technology curtain-effect detector, made with passive infrared and microwave section.

OUR RANGE OF Alarm - Detectors

Perimetral Detectors

Magnetic and special contact for surfaces, doors, fixtures in ferrous material. Available also for recessed cases as well. Aluminium or plastic container. All you want for your needs.

OUR RANGE OF Alarm - Detectors


Infrared beam barrier for doors and windows, infrared barrier for outdoor use and internal heater kit for BE260 barriers. To interrupt the beam, both rays must be interrupted. Possibility to set the AND function.

OUR RANGE OF Alarm - Detectors

Technical Alarm Detectors

Liquid and moisture detector for floor installation in plastic container and high-precision liquid detector for floor installation in aluminium container.

Alarm - Control Units

Dynamic, modular and customizable according to your needs: CAME burglar alarms are ready to guard each corner of your private space

OUR RANGE OF Alarm - Control Units

Wired Control Units

Programmable wired control units can be paired with control unit events or activated remotely. Via the LAN connection it is possible to connect the control unit to the CAME Domotic 3.0 system.

OUR RANGE OF Alarm - Control Units

Wireless Control Units

They have a keypad and display which can be used to manage the system and program the functional parameters. They converse in Dual Band two-way mode with all of the wireless range devices.

Alarm - Accessories, Components and Modules

Accessories, Components and Modules



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