Knowing the product

CAME prides itself on knowing it's own products. With our staff knowing our products we can offer the best information to you, our customer, throughout the entire company. Whether that is necessary information in sales or full on technical advice from the technical department, we can always offer our assistance.

Pre-sales services for customised solutions

CAME offers a consultancy service in the design phase for special solutions, ensuring assistance even during the compilation of the necessary documentation. Each project is unique and, as such, is designed based on the needs of the customer, both in terms of the solution's architecture and product customisation, thanks to a specialised team.

Post-sales technical assistance

Our technical support team offer sound advice and will talk you, our customer, through all areas of set-up, installation, troubleshooting and every other step on the way. Our technical team is a large, strong team with a high interest in what they are instructing and will always pay a lot of attention to customer service and support. Not only do you get all this with buying our products but it is all free, so when you need that help there will be no extra costs.


The costumer is brought in a highly specialized training course through refresher meetings and seminars dedicated to the technical deepening of the products, the anticipation of novelties and new installation methods, the analysis of the directives and the requirements for the compliance of the systems with the Regulations European.



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