“However technologically advanced any automation may be, it still must be built around people's needs.”

Paolo Menuzzo


In a world where technology is everything, we have put people back
at the core of things. It is our way of caring for everything that is important, and our skills lie in finding innovative solutions before the need arises.
We have respect for people, their dreams, ideas and projects.

Knowing how to be close, with a light touch. We have the ability to forecast, to think about people, their wellbeing and the way in which they like to live. Our ingenuity always finds the best idea, blending technology into human life.

All this is the fruit of our know-how, our passion for what we do, and how we do it. Now is the time to address the world, with one voice, to reach out to people, as people.


With over 60 years of passion, and investment in new technology in the Home & Building Automation industry, we have become a go-to brand and global partner for integrate solutions engineered for automating controlling and securing residential, public and urban spaces, resulting in healthy and intelligent living and working spaces for people.

We have built quality relationships with many professional installers, that carry forward CAME’s values, bringing innovation into the lives of our customers around the world.

Our evolution translates into solutions on behalf of people. Our technology becomes strategic for defining a new way of thinking about and living the future.


People are our most valuable resource. They perform vital functions and activities in which security, quality and attention to customer needs are fundamental. Today our Group boasts over 1,400 employees worldwide and our share of different markets shows significant growth potential. The heart of our Group is at our Headquarters in Dosson di Casier; the planning and design centre and core of our entire engineering e ort. But our production plants are located in strategic locations that allow us to integrate Made in Italy with Europe’s cutting-edge technologies.
In Barcelona, Spain, CAME Parkare is the leading state-of-the-art parking facility designer. In France, CAME Urbaco is forever at the forefront in urban management and home of the automatic bollard. In the UK, with the production plants are making video intercom entry solutions. In Italy, we complete our offer with the Development Unit at Sesto al Reghena, the state-of-the-art electronics engineering centre, plus CAME Go’s know-how; all amounting to the quality manufacturing of Made in Italy.



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