he construction and outfitting of new parking areas, and the adoption of advanced solutions for their management and operation, is one of several projects to modernize and improve the urban mobility of Kuwait City Centre. One of the project requirements was the engagement of a single contractor with whom the city authorities could continue to work exclusively on the further developments now in the pipeline or already planned.

The chosen solution entailed the manufacture, supply and installation of 22 separate automated parking systems located in different areas, for a grand total of 36 entry units, 39 manual and automatic pay stations, and 75 barriers. All outdoor installations are covered in reflective paints and fitted with cooling systems so that they may work in extreme temperature conditions. A dedicated software platform specially developed for the project enables a high level of customization of the functioning of each of the different systems. The platform provides centralized management and monitoring, through which the individual systems can be remotely controlled, and to which they provide real-time status reports.

PS One barcode-operated automatic parking facility, 36 entry units, 39 manual pay-stations, 75 barriers, CAME central management software.



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