A city of glamour and luxury renowned worldwide for its Film Festival and Croisette promenade, Cannes chose CAME, Italian leader in the supply of integrated technological solutions for automating residential, public and urban settings, to secure the safety of the main points of access to the pedestrian areas along the Croisette that make up the so-called “golden square” – Croisette-Serbes, Croisette-CDT André, Barrière Macé-Croisette – and Boccacabana beach.

For the development of this important project, CAME relied on the experience of CAME Urbaco, the brand of the Group specialized in designing and creating technological solutions to control and delimit residential and commercial urban areas, as well as to protect sensitive sites where the security of people and buildings is crucial.

The security project developed by CAME encourages the flow of pedestrian traffic while guaranteeing controlled access to vehicular traffic in the “golden square” along the Croisette during the city’s events. To this end, the area has been fitted with ONE EVO high-security bollards, built to withstand the impact of “ram” vehicles and certified according to the latest international regulations, and with G6 EVO fixed bollards.

All access points secured by the retractable bollards are linked to SYGMA 3 software, a controlled-access system that enables the general management of all remote access constituent parts. SYGMA 3 is connected to the centralized technical management (CTM) system based on a synoptic of controlled areas and linked to the local police department.






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