The use of LED technology has not just cut electricity consumption, but the absence of ultraviolet and infrared radiation from the diodes also helps protect the works of art and reduce maintenance and running costs.

The commission was to refurbish the obsolete lighting system in the church to meet higher compliance standards, while also making sure the new installation was respectful both of the spiritual and liturgical nature of the place of worship and of the historical and artistic value of the edifice.

To cater to the different lighting needs and functional requirements of the church, we came up with a solution based on the deployment of 103 “Perpetual 7 P Domino” LED projectors that are controlled through a building-automation system connected to a multifunction “Mitho HA” terminal. By adjusting the intensity of the illumination according to the time of day and to whatever use is being made of the space, the CAME system manages to strike a perfect balance between the spiritual and the cultural vocation of the church.

1 Mitho HA home automation terminal; 60 home automation modules; 100 LEDs.



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