The largest indoor amusement water park in Europe, Suntago Water World Park is located in Wręcza, some 40 kilometres from Warsaw in central Poland. The park, which attracts 15,000 visitors every day from Poland and abroad, comprises 5500 square meters of swimming pools, 75,000 square meters of indoor attractions, Spa & Wellness, Saunaria, over 90 Village accommodations plus several restaurants and bars. CAME has been selected for implementing the parking management system.




The car park at Suntago Water World Park, which has a total of 2500 parking spaces, offers 3 types of use;

  • on payment for occasional daily customers (over 60 minutes parking time)
  • free access for subscriber customers with an Unlimited Card
  • free access for guests of the 90 Suntago Village accommodations.

The facility's need was not only to manage the entry and exit gates, but also to take advantage of the additional discount system already in use for customers, as well as to create a report on the entry statistics of all users.

The parking payment systems, already existing inside the facility at the ticket offices (also self-service), must integrate seamlessly with the new external management system that will be installed.




CAME PKE, the powerful high-end parking system for managing the 3 entry and 3 exit gates of the Suntago Park, each combined with GARD PX brushless barriers, was the ideal solution adopted for the continuous traffic flow of the Suntago Park.

With the Lince Web Service integration services (a version of CAME Parkare parking management and control software), it was possible to apply and validate all the additional discount systems recognised and issued by Suntago Water Park.

Additionally, the flexibility of the software integration system made it possible to obtain a report on the statistics of tickets issued.

The license plate reading and recognition system quickly associated each vehicle with the corresponding issued ticket at all times and facilitated the transits of subscribers (or guests), as well as all operators on duty at the facility.

The existing payment systems provided by the ticket offices within the park were integrated with the PKE system; additionally, the 3 exit units were also equipped with the credit card payment system (chip or contactless).




The supply of the CAME PKE system consists of:

N. 3 entry terminals 

N. 3 exit terminals 

N. 6 CAME PX barriers with brushless motor

N. 6 LPR video-cameras for reading license plates



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