The Royal Albert Wharf development is in a prime location, in the Albert Basin area of London, where the River Thames meets the Royal Docks. Bringing new architecture to an historic setting.

Notting Hill Housing Group ( seek to enhance the East Beckton community by delivering a high quality, sustainable, mixed use development that takes advantage of the remarkable river and dockside setting.

Royal Albert Wharf will provide a range of high quality, accessible housing types, with communal and public open spaces in which residents can take pride, as well as core facilities around which a community can grow including a crèche, community hall and youth centre.

The dockside will be overlooked by residences from above and the two sides linked by a bridge; creating continuous access around the dock. With small and flexible work, office and studio spaces of varying sizes all set together to make one creative, business community, the dockside it set to become the centre of commercial activity.

Supplied and designed by CAME the integrated door entry system at Royal Albert Wharf includes a range of XIP video entry panels, audio and video handsets/monitors and access control.

  • 24 XIP Digi Video Entry Panels
  • 12 Agata Audio Handsets
  • 237 Agata Video Handsets
  • 123 Opale White Flush Video Monitors
  • 68 Proximity Access Controlled Doors
  • 3 RF Access Controlled Entrances


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