Solution for large sliding gates
Up to 2200 kg


  • Available with module 4 or 6 pinion.

  • Ready for installation of magnetic limit switches.

  • Control board with terminal blocks, display and storage for up to 250 users.

  • The safety inputs can be configured to directly control the 8k2Ω resistive sensitive-safety edges.

  • Self-diagnosing safety devices.

  • 230 - 400 V AC three-phase version for 2200 Kg model.

  • Developed with CONNECT technology for remote digital control via gateway or locally via CAME KEY.

  • The benefits of CAME BK

  • Seven versions: for 800 kg and 20 meters, up to 220 kg and 23 meters.

  • The movement speed is 10.5 m/minute.

  • The operator can be managed from a remote location via app through the CAME GATEWAY.

  • Available with module 4 and 6 pinion to ensure sturdiness and better quality of movement.

  • Plug-in connectors for RIOCN8WS, R700, R800, RSE and AF receiver cards.

  • It handles up to 25 Rolling Code users.

  • Designed to fit magnetic limit-switches.

  • Self-diagnosing safety devices.

  • It is set up to connect to the wireless Rio safety system.

  • Compatible with CAME KEY.


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