Add the CONNECT GW gateway to your system to connect it to the web.

Do you want to control one or more operators from your smartphone?
With the CONNECT GW gateway, There are three available connection types:


Benefits by having the Automation App

  • CONTROLS: Open / Close / Stop
  • DIAGNOSIS: Malfunctions and errors
  • CUSTOMISATION: Background and layout of the app
  • CHECK: State of the operator
  • MULTISYSTEM: Manage several operators

Everything remotetly:

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Came Automation is the APP that allows you to manage the new range of automations for sliding gates BXV and swinging AXI, through the Cloud technology. Thanks to the Internet connection, the automations become more and more intelligent and start to communicate: all this to make life easier, meeting the different needs.

Opening, closing and checking the status of automations wherever you are today is reality. Thanks to the Came Connect technology all the automations are connected via Cloud. Simply add the CONNECT GW device to the system and download the CAME Automation APP on your mobile device to remotely manage the automations.

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