"Zero KM Service", the new concept of service for parking facilities launched by CAME Parkare, has won the SMAU 2021 Innovation Award. The objective of "Zero KM Service" is to drastically reduce the time and costs for human intervention during preventive and corrective maintenance, improve equipment performance and ensure full service management through intelligent devices made with new cutting-edge digital native technologies.

The award was collected by Renato Berto, Vice President of the CAME Parking Division / CEO of CAME Parkare, at the end of a panel discussion on open innovation and artificial intelligence to streamline processes.

“We are very proud that “Zero KM Service” has been awarded this prize – comments Renato Berto – it is an unexpected recognition which demonstrates that continuously listening to customers’ needs and carefully analysis of technological trends can produce results that go beyond logical commercial expectations. With “Zero KM Service” we have the ambition to redefine the service and assistance model in the parking management in order to guarantee unprecedented Business Continuity, improvement in the Customer Experience and strong impact on the operating margin of operators in the sector.”

“Zero KM Service” is based on three fundamental pillars: a complete restyling of the hardware, with devices designed in robust modular kits, for rapid intervention by unskilled personnel; a new SMART software able to send data and notifications in real time to inform and guide staff to be self-sufficient in both preventive and corrective maintenance activities. And lastly, the application of new cutting-edge technologies to create a modular and intuitive structure, supported by error-proof artificial intelligence algorithms.



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