A contact-free sensor that allows to open and close automatic swing or sliding doors without the need for manual controls is the solution that CAME proposes to respond to the new requirements in terms of access security that have arisen with the end of the lockdown of our country, and the consequent reopening of public places, that has increased attention to safety and hygiene to preserve the environment for visitors and to protect those who work in them.

The SELS2SDG sensor has been developed mainly for use in public places with strict hygiene requirements, such as health care facilities, dental surgeries, offices or restaurants, where physical contact with the control device is to be avoided: with a single gesture, simply by approaching the hand, the sensor, thanks to its microwave technology, activates the automation, allowing the automatic opening of the door. The correct reception of the command and the subsequent activation of the automatic door are signaled by means of an optical feedback, which consists in replacing the color of the signaling LED from blue to green. The luminous intensity of the signal can be customized.

With its simple and compact design SELS2SDG has been conceived to adapt to different aesthetic requirements, always ensuring a enjoyable and pleasant visual impact. The sensor is available in both flush-mounted and surface-mounted versions.




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