“Alexa, lower the temperature by two degrees”. With the TH/700 and TH/500 WiFi chronothermostats produced by CAME, it is possible to control your house temperature also through Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant. With this new update, CAME continues to expand the functionality of its temperature control products - which also include more traditional and Bluetooth solutions - to meet all consumer needs.

TH/550 WiFi is a wall-mounted chronothermostat with a minimalist design and small size with touch screen display, while TH/700 is a recess-mounted device with a modern design, simple and essential lines, a large display and advanced technology able to learn from the habits of people using it.
The innovative technology and smart functions make both CAME models the perfect solutions for people who want a new generation connected chronothermostat and with three different control possibilities: manual, remote control through the Thermo App and now also using Alexa's skills.

By selecting the “scenarios” it is possible to set the house temperature according to the season and peoples living habits. Through the 'geolocation' the system is able to detect the user’s actual position, so that the preset scenarios are automatically activated when he/she goes away or come back to their home. The THermo app also provides a “consumption report” in which the temperatures set and detected in the last few weeks are highlighted and generates, based on habits, a personal profile that suggests an ideal thermal program, so as to reduce waste, optimize consumption and use the system more consciously.

Thanks to this system update, all TH/700 and TH/550 chronothermostats - even those already on the market - will be able to connect to the US company's smart speaker and with a simple voice command it will be possible to adjust the temperature of the house easily and quickly for ever greater comfort.




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