CAME presents Quick&Easy Access, the new system for temporary remote access management of venues like B&Bs, hotels, campsites, gyms and sports facilities, small logistic hubs, collective workspaces and warehouses, private parking lots and parking areas.

Entry and exit are simplified so that both guests and in-house staff can enjoy the service 24/7, making the process both efficient and economical.

With Quick&Easy Access, the car park operator can control the system in real time: after sending the codes and the access link to the guest, the procedure becomes fully automated and customised. It can also be managed remotely to control the authorisations for entry to the venue's spaces and their activation at any time. 

The digitisation process is more convenient for users, including additional benefits such as: instant bookings, quick confirmations and access to the premises without having to wait for the operator to arrive, no queue upon arrival during particularly crowded times and no need to register or download an app. In addition, the facilities can be accessed without time restrictions, since a simple e-mail confirmation of the valid booking from the operator is sufficient as an entry ticket.

Remarkable pluses of Quick&Easy Access are also that it does not require structural work on the system but can be installed quickly and easily compared to other traditional systems, providing a wide range of functions that improve the management and monitoring of the services offered. 



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