CAME launches GARD LS4, a new model of automatic barriers with an elegant design that fits perfectly into the urban context. The opening speed of between 2 and 4 seconds, depending on the length of the boom, makes parking mobility easier and more efficient; in addition, thanks to their customisable finish and the materials with which they are made, they are extremely durable and resistant to corrosive agents such as smog and saltiness.

With their net clearance of between 2.5 and 3.8 meters and an opening speed of 2 to 4 seconds, they are the ideal solution for settings with an intensive flow of vehicles such as in companies, residential buildings, public car parks and parking areas. They are tested for use up to 300 cycles per hour and thanks to their innovative electronics they are capable of handling access control for up to 250 users with devices such as transmitters, proximity cards or digital codes. 

In order to maximise the efficiency of the barriers in these settings, CAME has implemented the Advanced Speed Control, which, together with the 24V operator equipped with Encoder technology, allows the advanced management of the speed of the boom. In short, the innovative function guarantees fluidity and smoothness of movement both when closing and opening, thus preserving the mechanics and extending the life cycle of the automation system. 

In addition, in the event of a blackout or emergency situation involving suspension or lack of service, GARD LS4 barriers can provide temporary service to enable emergency maneuvers, thanks to the auxiliary battery power supply system available on request.  

To make the passage of vehicles smoother and in particular in contexts with reduced visibility, the barriers can be made safer by installing LED lights on both sides of the boom, in order not only to increase its visibility, but also to manage access to it by means of a traffic light. The latter function may also be performed by the new flashing light developed by CAME, which is embedded in the barrier's upper cover and matches the rest of the equipment in terms of design with its smooth lines and lean shape.

All set-up or maintenance work can be carried out effortlessly and safely thanks to the optimal positioning of the electronic board, which is located directly under the lid of the barrier cabinet. Installers can also manage all settings via the graphic display or using the CONNECT SetUp App for smartphones or tablets, which makes remote assistance possible. Finally, thanks to the MODBUS technology, GARD LS4 barriers can be integrated into third-party systems and connected to other automation devices. 

To complete the system, CAME offers a wide range of auxiliary accessories for the boom, such as the rack, the articulated arm for low ceilings (ideal for indoor car parks), or the boom release system that minimises damage in the event of impact. 



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