Combining innovation, user-friendliness and design to easily and intuitively manage all the automation systems in a ‘smart’ home, is now all possible thanks to QBE. Using this device for the smart and wireless management of home automation by CAME - a company based in Treviso and leader in the supply of integrated technological solutions for the automation and control of residential, public and urban settings - the householder will be able to interact with all automation in the house, turn on and off the lights, open and close curtains and blinds, and much more, even when out at a restaurant or at their workplace, using the dedicated App or Alexa's voice commands.

A concept of home automation that puts people at the center and provides tailor-made solutions, making everyday gestures even simpler. With QBE users can manage not only lights, awnings and rolling shutters, but also gate and garage door automation, temperature control systems, alarm systems and much more. Through its scenarios function, QBE is able to make systems communicate with each other which until now did not interact; and thanks to the modularity and expandability of the device, it is also possible to connect new automation systems installed in the house at a later time. Once connected to a normal electrical outlet, a soft blue light spreads from QBE's polycarbonate base, discreetly indicating its operation.  

QBE uses Wi-Fi connection and radio technology to communicate with all automation in the home, so there is no need for cabling, lowering costs and making installation simple and practical, within everyone's reach. In addition, the stylish aesthetics and soft-touch finish ensures that it fits in well with any style of interior.

With the convenient and fast CAME QBE app, it is possible not only to control, but also to check, from anywhere, if you have left the lights on or the curtains open, and acting accordingly on the relative controls. The main screen of the app, available for smartphones and tablets, shows the icons of all connected operators. The user can customise the navigation to make it even more intuitive, setting a different color for each icon. Since it is compatible with voice commands from Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant, it is also possible to control automation through simple phrases, without having to interrupt your activities.


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