CAME is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year since its foundation (1972) and among the initiatives undertaken for the celebrations, it has launched an important program to enhance company welfare. In particular, 93.7% of workers are currently benefiting from smart working, making it easier to reconcile their private and professional lives; 73 of these are women (94% of their category) and 193 men (93%).

"In our current historical period - comments Stefano Salis, HR Director of CAME - there are important transformations underway that have a significant impact on work organization. Also at CAME there is an increasing attention towards the need to reconcile life and work times, and towards the use of resources that respect environmental sustainability and collective wellbeing. This is achieved by reducing the number of home-to-work trips and, consequently, the use of public and personal transport. For this reason, we have decided to adopt a policy that allows all the workers involved to take advantage of two days of agile work per week: at the basis of this agreement, trust and a sense of responsibility of our employees towards the company's objectives.”

CAME has also chosen to invest further resources in the training project in collaboration with the company Skilla: over the next months, in fact, the 457 employees involved will have access to a new e-learning platform where they can choose from over 300 training courses available. The training pills® will give them the opportunity to expand their personal knowledge, cultivate their passions and develop their aptitudes. The project is designed to be accessible anytime, anywhere, in complete freedom, by allowing participants to choose the most appropriate time to take advantage of the courses they choose. With the aim of reducing the risk of pathologies and muscular-skeletal disorders that can arise due to the long hours spent in front of the computer and at the desk, CAME has also activated motor education courses in collaboration with the medical department of the University of Padua in which numerous employees are participating.

CAME in order to strengthen its corporate structure is also looking for highly technological and specialized professional profiles to further develop its R&D and ICT sectors, including: "Cloud Architect" - to coordinate IoT technology developments by working on maintenance, development and integration systems of the company's Cloud IoT ecosystem - and "Network Security Engineers" capable of designing and implementing solutions, or security software, to protect data and information held by the company.
The search for professionals also includes App Developers for the development of Mobile applications; Software Engineers for the development of software for the integration of video door entry and home automation systems and devices; Hardware Engineers for the development of electronic boards in the field of automation; DevOps Engineers able to create and manage the company web infrastructure and support CAME partners in the required services deployment and SAP Business Analysts to support the management and implementation of SAP management software modules.




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