Construction sites can often become dangerous due to the risks generated by the entry of unauthorised personnel and vehicles.
For this reason, having access control solutions, especially on complex construction sites, has several benefits and helps to ensure the safety and efficient management of ongoing activities.

Construction site safety: dangers to avoid and factors that increase risks

Construction site safety requires particular care because, if insufficient, it can lead to losses.

The main problems that can occur on an inadequately controlled construction site are the following:

•    Injury to people
•    Theft of tools, equipment, and materials
•    Damage to structures, working tools, and equipment
•    Violent and fraudulent acts 

When you have to manage the security of a large construction site, these problems can frequently occur. Consider that on construction sites, where several companies operate and there are multiple entrances and exits of vehicles and people daily, the risk of theft and damage is 50% higher than on smaller sites.

Why install controlled access turnstiles on construction sites?

To answer the question, let's see why it is important to implement vehicular and pedestrian access control on construction sites.


Workers' safety

An access control system enables the management and monitoring of presence in work areas, thus reducing unauthorised access to hazardous areas and the risk of accidents.


Property protection

By reducing the entry of unauthorised people onto the construction site, access control solutions are an effective tool for minimising the risk of theft, damage, or vandalism.

In addition, it allows tracking of people entering and leaving the construction site, making it easier to identify those responsible in case of an accident or safety issue.


Efficient resource management

An access control system helps improve human resources management because it allows you to monitor the influx of people on the construction site. 

It is possible to record the hours worked, control the passage of workers and visitors, and effectively organise the assignment of the various tasks and responsibilities.


Contractors control

On complex construction sites, several contractors and subcontractors might work simultaneously or with fixed-term authorisations.  

An access control system makes it possible to record the entrances and exits of these professionals so that you can verify their attendance, access authorisations, and contractual deadlines.

Moreover, access control solutions allow scheduling them with specific authorisations on a time basis, by time slots, or on particular days.


Attendance register

Monitoring access allows an accurate record of people accessing the construction site, including employees, contractors, suppliers, and visitors, which can be useful for security purposes, managing payments, or producing documentation of the performed activities.

Do you want to create an effective access control system? Discover CAME solutions

CAME offers a wide range of automation systems for access control, from which it is possible to find the ideal solution for any construction site that requires careful management of security and people presence.

Let's dive into the three product ranges useful to reduce risks in those places where many people access daily.


Access control system

In places where it is necessary to manage gates through which both people and vehicles pass, the perfect solution is ACS01.
The access control system developed by CAME combines simplicity and versatility; it allows the control of the individual gateway and the network of different accesses manned by this technology.

ACS01 permits the management of up to 10,000 users per site. More information here.


Pedestrian and vehicular entrances

CAME motorised gates installation is ideal in places with a high flow of people and where security is a must.

The effectiveness of this solution is characterised by high flexibility and software integration with automation systems suitable for different input selection needs.


Full-height turnstiles

CAME's full-height turnstiles are the right products to ensure very high levels of security where people access on foot: they allow for the careful monitoring of presence in a location and protect people and property inside the gates where they are installed.

These turnstiles are designed for stadiums, airports, stations, sports facilities, and government offices but can also be installed at the gates of large construction sites.


Find out more about CAME access control systems by visiting the dedicated webpage



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