The Montpellier Méditerranée Métropole Municipal Council has commissioned CAME Urbaco to secure the entrances and exits of the Grammont Estate, the city's largest cultural space. Once it was an abbey, then a wine estate, it is now a wide natural area with spaces dedicated to events, sports and community entertainment. The Estate boasts a horticultural center, a racecourse, football pitches, a music venue and a theater.

All these activities generate significant flows of people, just think of the attraction of a concert, and if we consider that the Estate contains several spaces, with the possibility of holding several events at the same time, the high number of people could be a serious problem in terms of safety.

In order to guarantee traffic flow control and maximum safety during events, CAME Urbaco carried out a complete study and developed a project with high performance solutions, proposing the robustness and reliability of ONE50 automatic bollard to the customer.
Designed to control access to sensitive sites and protect strategic access points, ONE50 retractable bollard is the most robust in the range. It withstands the consecutive impacts of 2 ram trucks launched at 80km/h, maintaining operation after the impact.
ONE50 consists of 3 structural parts: casing, coated head and finishing plate. It is driven by a separate hydraulic unit, with a rise time of 5/7 seconds in standard conditions, or only 1.5 seconds in E.F.O. (Emergency Fast Operation). The bollard is equipped with a manual pump that allows it to be raised in an emergency.

The project, now completed, leaves room for music concerts, sports activities and other cultural events in the best safety conditions.



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