CAME UK has completed the acquisition of KMS - Key Management Systems LTD, a leading supplier of access controls for the public housing sector - expanding the number of companies that already belong to the UK group, such as CAME BPT, CAME Parkare and CAME BPT Ireland. This transaction, and the subsequent creation of the CAME KMS brand, significantly strengthens the UK operations of CAME S.p.A.

“We have been following with interest for some time now the evolution of the cutting-edge solutions offered by KMS and its cloud-based management system" said Andrea Menuzzo, CEO of CAME S.p.A. The fact that we share the same values has led to its acquisition by CAME UK and this will ensure that the new entity will have better opportunities for growth in the Country in the years to come. The transaction will consolidate our position as market leader in the field of automation and access control. At the same time, it will lead to an integration of products with solutions designed to meet specific target and market needs.. “We are also very proud”, concludes Menuzzo, “of the work that the CAME UK team has been doing over the last years, which has also enabled them to self-finance the acquisition and manage all related operations.”  

The 150 employees in the four UK and Ireland branches of CAME UK - which over the past 30 years has become a key player in the electronic security and access industry - will be joined by 30 employees of KMS, which was founded in 2005. The success of KMS is based on the integration of an efficient range of hardware solutions with top-of-the-range cloud-based control software to meet the needs of both the UK market and customers. The synergy between CAME's cloud-based systems for gate and entry system automation was the driving force behind the agreement. The joint experiences of the two companies will ensure a leap forward for CAME and KMS in their respective sectors and the re-branding of KMS into CAME KMS will begin immediately.

“The objective of CAME UK”, concludes CEO Menuzzo, “is to consolidate the growth path that KMS is experiencing and, at the same time, to strengthen the company through investment and best practice sharing that will enable CAME KMS to achieve its targets”.



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