CAME Dosson, the 5-a-side soccer team that has been sponsored since 2005 by CAME, is adopting the name CAME Treviso C5 as it becomes the official team of the capital city of the Marca of Treviso in the national Futsal top league championship. 

The team's new course has been presented at Palazzo Rinaldi, Treviso's town hall, along with the shirt for the next season - for the first time realised by Lotto Sport Italia, the historic Italian sports company. It was founded in 2002 by a group of friends and has been playing in the national Serie A of five-a-side soccer, or futsal, for eight years now. Also present were the city's Mayor Mario Conte, Deputy Mayor and sports Councilor Alessandro Manera, CAME's Founder Cav. Paolo Menuzzo, CAME Treviso C5 Chairman Alessandro Zanetti, the President of the Italian soccer Federation's five-a-side division Luca Bergamini, and the Chairman of Lotto Andrea Tomat. Captain Pablo Belsito and Coach Sylvio Rocha took part as representatives of the team. The first shirt this year will be completely blue with the club's symbol CAME Calcio A5 in its official colors, the CAME logo on the front together with the other sponsors, and the name of the city in white. The second shirt is in the club's other official color, black.  

Treviso Mayor Mario Conte said: “It is a source of great pride to inaugurate this new chapter in the history of CAME that sees Treviso as a protagonist. A professional club from the area will bring the name of our city to sports halls all over Italy and will contribute to making it a true capital of sport. Also thanks to its focused management and strong roots in our community, the CAME sports club embodies the values of professionalism and passion and has a long-term vision, since it also intends to create an Academy to give many young people the opportunity to get to know five-a-side soccer and cultivate their talents." 

CAME Founder Cav. Paolo Menuzzo said: “I have known the Chairman, Alessandro Zanetti, for over twenty years. CAME's adventure with the team started almost as a joke when we gave them the shirts and duffle bags with the only promise to come back as winners, and so they did. Since then, we have achieved important goals together, both as a company and as a team. This new chapter recognises the long years of commitment and will certainly give new vigor to the team, as well as strengthening its bond with our area, which is not just Dosson, but the whole of Treviso and its province."

The team's achievements over the years have been many: the rapid rise through the provincial and regional championships, the transition to Serie B in 2010 and only four years later to Serie A2, the win of the Italian Cup and the 2015/2016 championship, when it was promoted to the top league, Serie A1. Besides being the club that has been playing the longest in Serie A, CAME Treviso is also one of the five youngest Italian teams in terms of average age of players and the one that has won the fair play award the most times. The club can also rely on more than 100 home-grown young talents from as many as six teams.

Alessandro Zanetti, Chairman of CAME Treviso C5, said: “Presenting the new shirt and representing the city's official team is a unique emotion and a source of pride for all of us. It will also be a great opportunity to broaden our horizons, because the future of this sport is linked to young people now more than ever. We look forward to being on the field again, winning and, above all, launching the CAME Treviso Academy project, through which we would like to be able to involve more and more of the area's young talents."

CAME will again for this year be the Main Sponsor of the club and will be joined by Lotto Sport Italia as Technical Sponsor - with the double lozenge that will supply the competition kits and all the sports equipment necessary for the club's activities for all athletes, from the first team to the youth teams - and TCE Group, ColorService and Ever as Shirt Sponsors.



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