CAME has put itself at the service of sport and provided the new Adriano Panatta Racquet Club with a complete vehicular and pedestrian access control system diversified to meet the needs of customers, operators and suppliers. The facility, built on an area of about two hectares in the heart of Treviso, includes not only sports areas (6 tennis courts, 6 padel courts and 2 gyms), but also a wellness center, a clubhouse with bar, a restaurant and a swimming pool. An ideal place where guests can enjoy all-round care of their bodies.

CAME, by taking into consideration not only the needs of the operators but also those of the visitors, members and suppliers, has created an integrated project that combines some of its most functional and top of the range solutions combining technology and design. On the main access to the indoor areas dedicated to the tennis courts, the gymnasium and the wellness center, CAME has implemented three PG03 stainless steel fast entry gates with 2 hinged doors that guarantee fast, safe and controlled entry for the maximum comfort of guests and convenience of operators. In addition, another GLA1 fast pedestrian gate with hinged doors was also installed, capable of activating the rapid evacuation function in the event of an emergency and for the temporary transit of service trolleys. Both models, because of their dimensions, are also designed for the passage of disabled users. To match the decor style of the center, the doors and finishing tops of all the entrances have been stylishly finished with black tempered glass, giving transparency and luminosity.

For the exterior, the Treviso company has customized and automated - according to their respective functions and needs - the vehicular accesses, differentiating between the main hinged one dedicated to guests and the secondary sliding one for the exclusive use of Racquet Club operators and suppliers. In particular, the ATS telescopic motor was fitted for the main gate, combined with the new, high-performance ZLX24 control panel; while the BXV motor was chosen for the secondary gate, suitable for handling the intensive and constant passage of both commercial vehicles and operating equipment. For both solutions, in the future it will be possible to activate the "Connect" function, which has already been set up, and which can guarantee remote access and control of the system via smartphone, tablet, or computer, not only for operators but also for installers, who can thus program and provide assistance in real time 24 hours a day.

In order to facilitate and efficiently manage the entry and exit of guests' vehicles, CAME has set up two GARD PX barriers with a 3-meter boom, capable of opening in just one second and guaranteeing intense duty cycles (10 million MCBF). In addition, the brushless technology guarantees low maintenance costs. Badge and QR Code readers have been integrated into each barrier. These are particularly effective in managing the access of non-regular users, such as in the case of events or initiatives organized at the Center.

In the reception area, a practical XTS indoor video intercom with a 7'' touch screen was installed, capable of controlling and managing the modular video intercoms that CAME has fitted not only on the access barrier totems but also at the pedestrian entrance to the facility.


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