CAME is among the pioneering companies in its field to obtain MATTER certification. This protocol allows all automation and technology from different manufacturers inside and outside the home to be connected and controlled by a single app or smart speaker, quickly, safely, and easily.

This ambitious goal has been achieved thanks to the joint efforts of the members of the Connectivity Standard Alliance, the association of the major manufacturers looking at the future of home automation and the market in a new way: no longer as a context in which manufacturers compete for exclusivity, but as an environment in which different players coexist, grow, and accelerate the development of the IoT market.

“We’re proud to be part of the consortium that worked on the development of this protocol” comments Antonio Milici, Chief R&D Officer at CAME S.p.A. “CAME develops and designs technological solutions and products capable of making people’s lives easier and this is exactly the ultimate goal of the MATTER protocol. It was therefore natural and consistent for us to take part in its development process. MATTER is now recognized globally as the communication standard of the future due to its ability to connect devices from almost all major manufacturers.”

By simplifying the implementation and use of devices by users, MATTER removes major barriers and promotes a living culture in which all devices in the home can be connected to each other and controlled in total security through a single app or smart speaker. A QR code is attached to each protocol-compatible device for automatic configuration. Simply scan the code with your smartphone to pair each new product with the devices already in your home.



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