With the aim of guaranteeing the highest level of security for access to the Pordenone, Fiume Veneto, Azzano Decimo, Olmi, Casier and Monastier branches of the bank BCC Credito Cooperativo Pordenonese e Monsile, CAME has supplied new control systems for entrances equipped with a thermoscanner for measuring body temperature and detecting the use of masks.

CAME thermoscanners are the ideal solution to control access in crowded scenarios with constant flows of people. For BBC branches, in particular, CAME has proposed a solution, the use of which has been further enhanced by the application of the telescopic floor support, which makes it possible to position the device in the most appropriate access mode to meet both the needs of the branches and the government regulations on the management of health emergencies.

When standing in front of the thermoscanner, thanks to the instructions given by the voice guide, a face scan is performed. Without the need for any physical contact and without the help of personnel, this detects if the body temperature is below 37.5° and if the person is wearing the mask correctly. Only if both legal requirements are fulfilled are people are allowed to enter by means of a double signal, both luminous and vocal, guaranteeing safe access to customers who have to enter the branch and to employees who work there every day.

The solution offered by CAME was tailor-made to meet the specific needs of the BBC which, as a credit institution, has to comply with rules on restricted entry into the branch and the mandatory use of protective equipment, both for employees and customers. A key objective for CAME is to contribute to the safety of companies and people. Entrance control systems with thermal scanners can also be integrated with other security devices such as turnstiles and hand sanitizers.



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