With the aim of meeting the current needs for security and access control in sports facilities, for the Futsal 2020/2021 A Series 2020/2021 season, CAME has equipped PalaDosson with an innovative pedestrian entrance control system with thermoscanner and facemask detector to protect all athletes and insiders.

"We are pleased to be able to put our technology at the service of PalaDosson, guaranteeing controlled and safer access flows". - commented the chairman of CAME S.p.A. Andrea Menuzzo - “The integrated solutions offered by CAME represent our contribution to help strengthen the safety of our team and all the other athletes, referees and sports directors who will come here to play the championship matches”.

When standing in front of the automatic entrance to the arena, thanks to the instructions given by the voice guide, a face scan is performed which detects, without the need for any physical contact and without the help of personnel, if the body temperature is below 37.5° and if the person is wearing the mask correctly. Only if both law requirements are met entrance is allowed as indicated by the light and voice signal.

"The implementation of CAME's new automatic access control system - commented Alessandro Zanetti, president of CAME Dosson 5-a-side soccer - is an integral part of the plan that the management has put in place to guarantee safety and serenity to our athletes and staff in this particular period of health emergency and in view of the resumption of the championship. With CAME, we have made PalaDosson a safer place for everyone".




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