CAME has enhanced its offer for residential areas by launching BXV Plus. The latest automation version for sliding gates has even more advanced electronics that make it easy to install, as well as practical to manage, thanks to its compatibility with BUS accessories such as flashing lights, control switches and safety accessories. An automation system with BXV Plus provides feedback from each accessory connected to the system for easier and faster maintenance.

The new BXV Plus, available in three versions depending on the size of the sliding gate (400 kg, 600 kg and 1,000 kg), enriches and expands the range of automation systems in this line. Thanks to the new electronic board, BXV Plus is even more powerful and offers new functions that benefit not only the installer, but also the residents themselves. Through CAME’s Connect technology, for example, the motor can be programmed in a guided manner via its own display or through a smartphone, making configuration safe, convenient and fast. Thanks to the option of connecting a Wi-Fi gateway, BXV Plus can also connect to any router to enable remote management via the Automation App. This means it can be controlled both from a smartphone and using Amazon Alexa voice commands to open and close the gate, stop it or find out its status.

Thanks to Adaptive Speed & Torque Technology, enabling the control of travel speed and slowdown, BXV Plus ensures greater safety in the event of obstacles, as well as the correct detection of friction problems - caused by dirt or small stones on the gate track. Finally, this function ensures that the motor can operate perfectly in all weather conditions.



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