Access to CAME Parkare barrier parking facilities in a fully automatic way, without having to collect a ticket and pay for the parking at the pay-station will be possible thanks to a collaboration agreement between CAME Parkare and EasyPark Italia, Italian branch of the Swedish company leader in mobile parking. 

The partnership includes the integration of the reciprocal technologies: on the one hand CAME Parkare's Lince parking system management and control software, which offers a high level of integration with even the most sophisticated third party technologies, and on the other hand the EasyPark system which, through App, is revolutionizing the way to pay for parking.

A synergy that enriches the offer to the customers of both companies, making the parking operation, entrance, payment and exit, smooth and automatic.

Improving people's quality of life and encouraging the use of barrier parking to limit city traffic and the consequent increase in pollution are objectives pursued by both EasyPark and CAME Parkare. 

"The world of mobility - says Renato Berto, General Manager of CAME Parkare - requires increasingly integrated and intelligent solutions with highly digital content. We really believe in this collaboration with EasyPark that, like us, makes technological innovation an important starting point to increasingly improve parking experience, responding precisely and punctually to new customer needs, such as managing parking both for extension of time or early closure of the payment.

Comments Giuliano Caldo, General Manager of EasyPark ItaliaThe technological integration with an important player such as CAME Parkare will allow us to offer our service in many new barrier parking facilities throughout Italy. A partnership that is an important part of our mission, namely to contribute to making cities more livable, encouraging an increase in parking space occupation and limiting the number of vehicles on the road".



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