CAME makes the opening and closing of garage doors smart, thanks to the VER PLUS CONNECT kit that lets you control both overhead and sectional doors through different platforms, also enabling remote assistance for the installer.

Once installed on the garage door, the VER PLUS CONNECT kit is able to connect to the WI-FI network inside the home, making it possible to control the opening and closing of the door via Alexa smart speaker, or directly from your smartphone, tablet or PC with the practical and intuitive Automation App, or even from your car thanks to Alexa's compatibility with the CarPlay / Android Auto system.

The kit is available in two models that adapt to all types of doors, in versions up to 18m2 and up to 21m2. The integrated encoder technology also guarantees efficient slowdown control for greater maneuvering safety; the 24V motor and courtesy LED light reduce energy consumption and can be installed either in line with the guide or at 90° with respect to the latter if there are obstacles such as ceiling lights.

Similar to the entire range of CAME automations, the new generation electronics include advanced functions such as self-diagnosis of the safety devices installed in the automation system (at each command impulse, the devices’ correct operation is automatically checked, otherwise opening is disabled).

Lastly, the kit is compatible with all safety accessories, such as the RIO system for the wireless connection of photocells, sensitive edges and flashing lights, ideal for existing doors or those which lack such provisions. In addition, the kit also comes with a classic remote control and radio receiver for opening and closing the doors.




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